I've been lucky to study with many great yoga teachers, both in New York City and the SF Bay Area. The ones below stand out as true masters and have influenced both my practice and teaching style.

Eric Powell - he was the one who introduced me to Ramaswami's work while I was studying with him in New York. It is thanks to him that I find myself as a yoga teacher.

Chase Bossart - a long-time private student of TKV Desikachar, an expert on yoga therapy and an excellent teacher of Vedic chanting. From him, I learned how to further slow down both the breath and movement, how to use visualizations and mantras to deepen the practice, and how to use yoga practice sets in TKV Desikachar's The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice. He currently runs the Yoga Well Institute which offers yoga teacher training, online classes and retreats.

Paul Senechko - a brilliant teacher, whose style is based on Iyengar Yoga. I got to study with him while he still taught at Satori Yoga Studio. Apart from learning how to use proper alignment in poses, I was lucky to take both his group and private Feldenkrais sessions. He has now fully transitioned into a Feldenkrais practitioner and is offering private Feldenkrais classes and workshops in San Francisco. 

Tom Abrehamson - a very experienced teacher, whose style is based on Iyengar Yoga. Highlights of his classes include fun, energetic and precise instruction, adjustments of poses as well as pranayama, meditation or yoga nidra at the end of each session. I am very grateful to him for sharing with me his knowledge of pranayama and yoga nidra. He recently published his book on pranayama, Secrets of Successful Pranayama, and is now also offering private yoga and pranayama sessions.

Betty Strain - a highly knowledgeable Iyengar teacher who is full of wisdom. Her classes at Yoga is Youth are among the best I have ever taken. I always learn something new from her Iyengar Level I classes which focus on alignment, awareness and fun! 

Elise Miller - an extraordinary teacher and practitioner, trained in the tradition of BKS Iyengar. She co-founded the California Yoga Center. She also offers numerous workshops on scoliosis and pranayama. 

Lois Steinberg - one of the three advanced junior 2 certified Iyengar instructors in the US, with over 35 years of experience. She is very precise, demanding and strong-willed but also kind and compassionate - a great combination in a teacher who will safely push you beyond your limits. I had a chance to take her workshop at the California Yoga Center.

Athena Pappas - a passionate teacher who is into precision and alignment. She offers numerous workshops in San Francisco and abroad. 


I enjoyed taking yoga classes at the yoga studios below and would be happy to revisit them if I am ever in these places.

Mountain View 

California Yoga Center - a yoga studio dedicated primarily to the Iyengar style. Although many of the students are a generation older than me they can easily kick my butt when it comes to inversions. I particularly love classes by Elise MillerBirgit Reimer and Suzanne Dong.

Yoga is Youth - located on Castro street, this studio is very good. My favorite teachers at this studio were Tom Abrehamson and Betty Strain, as well as Mojdeh who teach Ashtanga classes with care and precision.

Los Altos

Yoga of Los Altos - I have only taken one yin class with Janya Wongsopa, yet I found it very restorative. 

New York City (UWS) 

Life in Motion - the first place where I started taking yoga seriously as a college student in 2005. Most of the classes I took were Vinyasa Flow, so intense that they left me sweaty and bouncing with energy afterwards. Located above scrumptious Silver Moon Bakery, this studio will keep you in shape. It can get quite crowded at times (as everything in New York!) so it is best to show up at least ten min early.

Paris Health Club - a cozy gym where I met Eric, the teacher who introduced me to the works of Ramaswami. Apart from many yoga classes, the place offers a wonderful belly dancing, tai chi and feldenkrais classes, and hosts a sauna, jacuzzi and a swimming pool, all in this snug place that defies the laws of geometry!

San Francisco

Satori Yoga Studio - conveniently located in the financial district of San Francisco, this peaceful studio offers a great variety of classes, has wonderful hot face towels to refresh oneself after a yoga practice. 

San Jose

Downtown Yoga Shala - located on the 1st street, this studio was only a few blocks from where I lived and offered a variety of classes, be it invigorating Vinyasa Flow classes by Noell Clark, Gentle (yet still strengthening) Ashtanga classes by Michael Athanas or soothing Restorative classes by Loa Farr.